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Categorie : Branding

Skills : Adobe suite CC

Years : 2014



Montreux is a city located in Switzerland known for its wealth of scenery, part of luxury life and internationality (business, schools and festivals). The project is to integrate these aspects in a new own visual identity to the city, more harmonious, more modern, more beautiful!

For a territorial branding, there are a lot of questions to ask. The city has a lot of various places like hotels, restaurants, festivals, cultural events which require different informations, the difficulty is to combine all aspects to show a new clearer city.


I worked with the Swiss designer Alexandre Pietra to provides a sophisticated look, unique and timeless with a color palette inspired by Montreux hotels. The logo was chosen to combine the three symbolic aspects of the city (landscapes, internationality and luxury).

Typography represents two styles: the classic and elegant Baskerville, inspired by the English who builds the first hotels in the area. And second, representing stability, contrast and modernity transcribed with the Avenir.


Massara – All rights reserved ® 2017.


Massara – All rights reserved ® 2017