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Seingalt Regular :

Seingalt Medium :

Seingalt Bold :

Seingalt Display Regular :


Every fonts here possess a commercial license and it's strictly illegal to use it without it. For a comercial project or any personal promoting, you'll need the commercial licence of the font.


The font who possess a free trial download still don't let you the right to use it for a comercial project or any personal promoting. All of these font are directly created exclusively by myself. If you’d like to buy one of these fonts or know more about it, feel free to ask : @


45 CHF

45 CHF

45 CHF

45 CHF


Seingalt Display Medium :

Seingalt Display Bold :

Seingalt Full Font Family :

Seingalt Trial


45 CHF

45 CHF

230 CHF

Neptune Bold

50 CHF


Neptune Trial :




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