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Years : 2015



More than thirty years of activity, this Swiss festival became the appointment for the jazz amateur. 65’000 festival-goer have invaded the street, the vaults and the docks of Cully. The festival offers a large variety of choice and a search of talent in what is new in jazz, without forgetting the fundamental roots that attract the most knowers in jazz for more that 100 concerts in 9 days. For their 33th editions, the festival was rebrand to bring a new graphic structure that create a powerful identification and a visual coherence. Bring modernity in the symbolism of jazz and the transposition of the movement effect and emotion in different supports


The logo represent the harmony and the virtuosity in the jazz music, transcribed by the symbolism of the geometric form : the circle and a work of proportion obtained by the fibonacci suite. The typography for the logo was inspired by two big designer : Reid Miles for his work about some jazz albums and his way of using Didot font, and François Rappo for the Swiss touch (Didot Elder). If harmony and virtuosity was used for the logo, the pattern was the work of the second soul of jazz, the transposition of this music and these principal connotation : festivity, sexuality, vitality and the mouvement that created a beautiful illustration and a absolute identification for the festival.


For the color, a chiaroscuro with a dominance of blue (Blue Note) was used to bring a powerful contrast. The utilisation of gold pantone for typography was influenced by the wind instruments (Saxophones / Trumpets / Horns / Flutes etc…) The orange in presentation comes join the blue by his complementary contrast and his importance of jazz emotions and albums cover.


Graduation work, Degree in Communication Design at the Eracom - Switzerland

Massara – All rights reserved ® 2017.


Massara – All rights reserved ® 2017